BREAKING: Neo-Nazis forced to retreat as grammar-shaming counter offensive is launched

Thousands of white nationalists, emboldened by Donald J Trump’s inauguration, have gone home and reevaluated their politics after a plucky band of sarcastic tweeters pointed out their misuse of apostrophes.

Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States earlier today as television viewers, hooked on doomsday narratives, and a beleaguered media, hooked on ratings, feigned shock and outrage when a tyrannical perma-tanned reality-tv star was given the nuclear launch codes.

2 billion people thought they were being original by tweeting the words “And so it begins.” as Trump, a genuine Bond villain, was sworn in on Capitol Hill.

Not known for historically sitting on the fence as societies fall into eternal darkness, affluent liberals took to social media to launch the first counter-attack against the ‘alt-right’ by pointing out a series of minor spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that appeared on the banners of Trump supporters.

When word spread around Washington that these intrepid Grammarly subscribers were launching a counteroffensive, it forced thousands of racists into retreat

One self-satisfied fuck took a break from constantly moving the goal posts to say:  “It’s okay to mock uneducated people if they don’t share your politics.  Let’s not talk about the link between our terrible education system, people being unable to spell and the emergence of the anti-Christ.  Instead, lets point and laugh at the people who haven’t gained anything from all the years of prosperity.”

At which point his vegan, polyamorous, non-binary, lactose-intolerant, sockless, penny-farthing riding, life-partner high-fived him.

A spokesperson for the alt-right said:  “All through the campaign we’ve grown more sure of ourselves and our political objectives.  Trump’s rallies, where tens-of-thousands of people were showing up really made us feel like something amazing was happening.  I started thinking I could still get involved in politics even though I couldn’t afford to go to college.  But Glenn Greenwald screen-shotting me tweeting ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ has forced me to reconsider what I’m doing with my life.”


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