Loki releases ‘Bingo Wings Over Scotland’ calendar in solidarity with pro-indy writer Kirsty Strickland

Featured Image by Bonnie Prince

Scottish rapper and dangerous misogynistic sociopath, Loki, has published a Wings Over Scotland themed digital calendar in support of the Troll of Bath’s latest target, writer Kirsty Strickland.

Strickland drew fire from Mordor for taking part in an unpaid BBC coffee morning 54-years ago, which apparently precludes her from having an opinion about the latest ridiculous idea from the ‘oor oil- indy now’ brigade; a very small but very strident section of the Yes movement that is characterised by its self-defeating tendency to mistake itself for the rest of Scotland.

For anyone who doesn’t know – which is pretty much everyone outside a very narrow, circular, self-referential part of the Yes movement – Kirsty had the temerity to say that paying for anti-BBC billboards in support of indy was not a good idea.  In response Wings shared a picture of her at the BBC which wrongly suggested a conflict of interest on Kirsty’s part.

This is a pattern of Wings online strategy to discredit people who don’t toe the line.  It has a cultural cooling effect that deters people from being open about how they feel about the tone and direction of the independence movement.

Stuart ‘Sauron’ Campbell is not one to shy away from the conflict he creates.

From his mortgaged home 400 miles south of the Scottish border,  he revealed how fighting for Scottish Independence helps him refrain from dangerous thrill-seeking behaviours, which include masturbating outdoors.

Wank at the sky

This event marks a string of gaffes in which holier-than-thou Yes-driven media outlets, including newspapers, have deliberately attempted to misrepresent individuals with opinions considered problematic.  It raises questions about what sort of ‘alternative’ is really on offer when the ‘new media’ resorts to deploying the same unethical tactics as the old guard they claim to be fighting against.

We want to know what you think?   Is Wings engaging in his usual intrepid journalism by tweeting an image to deliberately portray Kirsty as working for the BBC when she doesn’t?

Does the fact Kirsty is a young woman with a family need taken into consideration before attempting to vilify her in the eyes of thousands of people who trust everything you say?

Or do the ends justify the means and anybody who dares to articulate their own opinion need to be taught a lesson?

Wouldn’t it be really ground-breaking if Campbell just apologised for once and accepted that this is, perhaps, a poor use of his considerable influence?

What other examples of poor journalistic standards have you experienced recently?  Maybe you were publicly lynched or exiled recently with the help of an, allegedly liberal, left-leaning, national newspaper?  Perhaps your professional and personal life was almost unpicked by a social media backlash which was completely disproportionate to what had actually occurred in reality?  Is the BBC the physical manifestation of Satan or is life more complex?  Would you prefer a Wings style national broadcaster or does that thought alone make you grateful for the deeply flawed system we currently have?

Let us know all about it…oh and don’t forget to view and share the calendar – AND DON’T WORRY NO DONATE BUTTON HERE.

You can’t put a price on some things.

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