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  1. Loki, Darren,
    You made me think this evening and truly made me consider where I was and what I was doing at Commonfest. Your points about artistic collectives prompted me to read more and your article on the same subject is brilliant. The nature of your stance, so articulately put, has sparked a deeper level of thought and discussion. Thanks for introducing me to this. Jen

  2. Blimey Sir, that piece in the Morning Star today was brilliant. Angry, moving and powerful. I’m from the English Midlands and know nothing of the specific issue but as an expression of everything that is wrong with ‘art’ in the entire UK. Thanks comrade.

  3. Just listened to your podcast on Apolitical driving through rural Aberdeenshire and am blown away. What a perfect summary of the timidity of the SNP at a time when they will probably never have a bigger mandate. I voted no, not because of a great love of the status quo but I didn’t hear inspiration I was expecting from the yes campaign.

    Headline reason to be independent was apparently more free childcare. Now that’s an important issue but I believe Scot Gov could already implement that now if they wanted to. Where were the compelling reasons to take a leap into the unknown on somewhat dodgy economic forecasts? I heard them from you tonight but unfortunately it’s a couple of years too late.

    I love the idea of peaceful democratic change having spent too many years in places that didn’t apply like Bosnia. It just needs some honesty and ambition to achieve it and the latter is something I fear the SNP’s pursuit of total domination is going to see them squander. Independence is just one potential means to an end – I’m more interested in the end itself than how we get there. I grew up north of Glasgow in the 80’s and never though that those poverty and social problems I saw then would remain unaddressed to this day.

    I wish you the best of luck in the future, you are both eloquent and passionate with a fantastic ability to get to the root of the issue.

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