BBC ironically points out that Trump is deliberately distorting reality

The BBC was accused of having a bit of a laugh today when they pulled up someone else for misreporting facts.

One day after being sworn in, President Trump’s press secretary got the administration off to a great start when he appeared to claim that The Donald’s inauguration was the most viewed in America’s history – despite an agreed reality which seemed to indicate the opposite.

Things took an even weirder turn when the British Broadcast Corporation suddenly developed an interest in unbiased reporting, after nearly 100 years of pro-UK cheerleading and spin facilitation. and decided to step in an point out the inaccuracy.

A BBC News producer, in the middle of photoshopping Jeremy Corbyn’s face onto a pornstars body ahead of the 6 o’clock news, said:  “We thought it would be a bit of a giggle if we pulled up Trump for doing what we do every day.”

He added. “We’re just chuffed everybody saw the irony”, before returning to the sustained campaign of undermining anyone who questions the moral authority of the UK Conservative party.

More soon.

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