Grown men who call everyone snowflakes are visibly upset by women walking the streets

Thousands of men who mock people for their over-sensitivity lost their shit today as a bunch of women got together and walked down the street.

The internet exploded yesterday when over 2 million women, unhappy and frightened by the fact an alleged sexual abuser has just been elected president, marched in the streets peacefully to make their feelings known.

This upset a lot of men who have spent the last two years mocking these women for being too touchy about things like how much they get paid and rape.

One unreasonable man, looking fat and anxious, said:  “Me and my mates walked down the street yesterday to get some beer and nobody batted an eye-lid.  But suddenly, just coz there’s 2 million of these ‘women’, its on the front page of the news paper?”

Media all over the world covered the story, praising the women for leading the fight against Trump.  Notably, the millions more women who made him the most powerful man in the world by voting for him did not attend and received little press coverage.


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