Kanye West’s blackness revoked by white social science students, it has been revealed

Privileged white university students have revoked Kanye West’s blackness after he had the gall to meet Donald Trump for half an hour.

West, a global phenomenon, hounded by the press for 10 years, who was recently sectioned, received no sympathy from the Caucasian social justice activists who are famed for their zero-tolerance approach to women, queers and ethnic minorities who form their own political opinions.

After screen-shotting some Kanye tweets and re-framing┬áthem out of context for third parties to join the pile-on, the social science boffins quickly withdrew Grammy winner’s ghetto pass and told right-wing voters “You can have him.”

“Look, if black people want to depend on our support then they are going to have to play by our rules.” said a white activist.

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