Low-level satirist forced to confirm he wasn’t being serious as joyless internet users counter-argue his parody news article

A wannabe satirist trapped in a rap career was forced to clearly label his poor attempts at wit as a small section of his tiny audience thought he was being serious.  Loki The Scottish Rapper, who runs a small blog in an obscure corner of the internet, was forced to confirm he was only joking when people started fact-checking a news report he made up in his head.

Joyless internet users, always keen to hold someone to account, deliberately tried not to see the potentially funny side of a clearly satirical news report and began counter-arguing what was, essentially, light-hearted entertainment.

Referring to himself in the third person, Loki said: ¬†“Fuck sake get a grip.”




  1. Was it satire when you said women who are victims of domestic abuse are also partly responsible for that abuse. Also you understand that all satire is making a point, right? You don’t want that point to be called out as a shit point don’t write it. For someone who’s big into complaining about echo chambers you’re real bad at actually listening to anyone who criticises you.

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