No longer any need for feminism, claims misogynist

A man who clearly hates women believes the movement that guarantees their equality is no longer necessary.

In a Facebook post the unidentified male claimed feminism wasn’t required anymore because women are no longer legally obliged to remain at home, shoe-less, pregnant and tied to the sink.

Attempting to conceal his resentment of the fairer sex, he drew a false equivalence between Muslim women, who he also hates, by claiming Western feminists should devote time to real issues like the mistreatment of females in the Arab world.

He said there were real issues in the West, like poverty, that deserved the attention of educated women.  To which one woman responded:  “Poverty here is nothing compared to places like Africa and South America.  Maybe you should devote more time to that?”

We will keep you updated on developments.

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  1. Hi Loki. Bit late & sorry & all but wondering if you have seen Sargon’s critique of your ‘Pride & Prejudice’ blog, and if so any comments?

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