People who opposed Iraq War now support first strike policy against anyone they think might be a Nazi

Thousands of activists who were against the 2003 invasion of Iraq are suddenly all for preemptively attacking suspected Nazis incase they do something dangerous further down the line.

Speaking exclusively to one pro-violence passifist said: “Nazi’s cannot be allowed to organise – end of story.  Yes it might not be a holocaust right now but you bet your arse if these scum-bags are given the time and space to reconstitute themselves then we are all in grave danger further down the line.”

When asked why she rejected a similar argument in 2003, when the US and UK forcibly removed Saddam Hussein for pretty much the same reason, she said:  “That was nothing like this. Saddam  wasn’t a Nazi, he was an authoritarian dictator who used violence against people who disagreed with him.  Big difference.”

It has emerged that many of the same people advocating physical assault are opposed any sort of military intervention, even against ISIS, who are about as close to Nazi’s as you can get without being a Nazi.  However, apparently these irreconcilable moral positions are not in conflict with one another because people on the left are incapable of hypocrisy.

One anti-capitalist took a break from selling Che Guevara t-shirts, to tell us:  “It’s different when we do it.”

Most people agree that Nazi’s are dangerous and should be physically resisted when necessary.  However, some have expressed concern that the term ‘Nazi’ has been broadened so much that it might lead to people who are not actually Nazi’s being assaulted anyway – which could lead to an escalation in violence as dialogue breaks down.  However, this reservation has been preemptively condemned and people, currently fighting for everyone’s right to express themselves freely without fear, have warned anyone with these opinions to shut up – or else.

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  1. Hard leftists are more of a threat than any other part of the political spectrum, When Tony Blair, Obama, Bill Clinton and other left wing leaders were sworn in to lead their countries, There were no riots no random violence. When a right wing party wins the Left can’t handle it they burn cars, riot, attack police and generally cause a lot of trouble.
    The Left also has the problem of constantly calling people who disagree with them Nazis, you don’t agree with their stance on immigration? Racist! You don’t want transgender people going to the same swimming pool changing room as your little girl? Transphobe! You believe in any right wing policies? Well you hate the poor, you are greedy and you only care about yourself.
    This is all nonsense people have the right to have their own views on things stop trying to ram yours down their throats.
    Finally we come to the media/political class, Stop virtue signalling, Stop telling people they suffer from wrong think and that you are correct on every issue. Take the Guardian for instance they perpetuate the wage gap myth (which it has been proven to be) every month. Men and women get paid the same it is the law! The gap only exists when you use mental gymnastics to twist the stats. Men & Women on average make different life choices women are more likely to take jobs in the teaching, healthcare or retail industries, While men are more likely to take jobs in engineering, construction, banking etc. Also Women are more likely to stop working to bring up kids.
    If we can stop all this nonsense then I think the left would be in for a revival, Instead people think going harder to the left will solve the problem of rise of the far right worldwide. They think they are fighting the extreme left because they are the noisy ones on Twitter, Facebook etc, They think we all stand together because the hard lefts voice is to loud.

  2. “However, some have expressed concern that the term ‘Nazi’ has been broadened so much that it might lead to people who are not actually Nazi’s being assaulted anyway – which could lead to an escalation in violence as dialogue breaks down. ”

    This is the crux of the issue Loki. This is already happening. While Richard Spencer, who probably isn’t a Neo-Nazi but is definitely a white nationalist, was assaulted – many other people were assaulted too. Lauren Southern, an anti-feminist, Gavin McInnes, a far-rightist, even Frank Luntz, a beltway conservative. All of these people were assaulted by Antifa and Black Bloc in Washington, and those assaults were justified on twitter, reddit, and in other Progressive spheres under the banner of “it’s okay to punch Nazis”. Even average Trump supporters were brutalized, just normal people wearing their Trump hats were punched, hit with bricks. One was even shot outside of a Milo University speech.

    There is an extremely dangerous element to Progressivism at the moment. I say this as a progressive, but what I am seeing is sickening, and scaring me, when I think about how this is going to evolve. A significant number of us on the left are traumatized by Trump’s victory. We had a false sense of victory due to the polls, we thought we had it, the first female President, and then to have it snatched away from us at the final moment by the slimmest of margins, and the fact that Trump lost the popular vote is even more brutal of a consideration. And now we’ve had to deal with the smug Trump memes and alt-right bragging on twitter for the past 3 months. Too many of us on the left are radicalizing as a result of this.

    I don’t agree with it, but I’m not going to lose much sleep over Richard Spencer being punched but the fact that other simply right wing people are being assaulted doesn’t bode well. These attacks seem to have widespread support now. A not-insignificant number of progressives are now totally ok with brutal violence committed by anyone right-wing, because if they support Trump they are inherently “fascist” and therefore need to be killed or made so afraid that they don’t participate in politics. We might even see assassinations of some key right wing figures; what is going to happen then? The Right will only respond with force.

    We could very well find ourselves in a civil war if we’re not careful.

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