People who start social media posts with “And so it begins” are insufferable, it has emerged

Social media users who start Facebook rants about the news with the words “And so it begins” are infuriatingly hard to stomach, it has been claimed.

As doomsday approaches, people are always on the look out for new forms of melodrama to heighten the sense that reality, itself, is coming apart.

The phrase “And so it begins” has become a bit of a catchphrase for unimaginative people around the world and a neuroscientist claims it may be a sign of an underlying mental condition.

Dr Guan Meditate said:  “Research shows that people who use this phrase are deeply uncertain about how what they actually believe.  This uncertainty places them at higher risk of becoming internet cliches.”

Dr Meditate say the situation is doubly worse because sufferers experience symptoms that make it hard for them to know they are cunts.

He added:  “Sadly, the main symptoms of this condition seem to be a deep belief that you are really insightful, coupled with a sense that your post will be extremely original.”

Dr Meditate said the only cure for the condition is to stop confusing social media for what is going on in reality but he accepts this is increasingly difficult when most people now live their lives on the internet.

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